Petar Pamučni spašava Uskrs Sinkronizirano

Petar Pamučni spašava Uskrs (2005)

NR Godina: Država: Žanr: Adventure Trajanje: 92 minuta

Petar Pamučni spašava Uskrs / Here Comes Peter Cottontail: The Movie (2005) Sinkronizirano na Hrvatski Everybody loves the Easter Bunny. Everybody, that is, except the evil Irontail, who wanted the job of Easter Bunny for himself- but lost out to Peter Cottontail. A generation later, Irontail is back to take his revenge, teaming up with the ice-cold Jackie Frost in a devious plot to plunge the world into permanent winter.Now it’s up to Peter …


Također bi vam se moglo svidjeti..

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